I will work actively with you, the Seller, to develop a Customized Success Marketing Plan for your property, as well as utilizing many aspects of the internet and online marketing advertising.

As part of the Customized Success Marketing Plan, I will…

  • Prepare a Seller’s CMA– to assist in pricing the home right for the market.
  • Include a Seller Estimated Net Sheet to allow the Seller to know what he might expect to net at the final sale of the property.
  • Provide an Absorption Rate to let you know a time frame in which your home will sell at a determined price.
  • Provide a copy of the MLS listing for you home for your review to assure the data is accurate.
  • Prepare a Home Enhancement Checklist to efficiently place the home for sale. Or refer a professional Home Stager to prepare the salability checklist and providing you with a list of service providers to assist you.
  • Take multiple (at least 24) Top Quality Professional digital shots of the interior and exterior of your home. Wait until you see the photos my photographer takes and the video.
  • Enter your listing into MLSNI (50,000 realtor members)
  • Put up Keller Williams “For Sale” sign.
  • Install a Secure Lock Box.
  • Within 24 hours of listing your home, list the property as a Featured Home on with 24 top quality professional photos along with other Real Estate websites. See the full list presented at our first meeting.
  • Send e mail digital flyer to the top Selling Agents serving your area announcing your home is on the market
  • Post to social media sites
  • Prepare a detailed brochure with facts and photographs of the home.
  • Electronic Showing report of your listing weekly.
  • Personally attend the appraisal meeting, providing an appraisers package to assure the appraiser has the correct and most current information to value your home.
  • Host an invitation only Brokers Reception, for those brokers that have clients that have indicated an interest in your home, plus those top selling brokers selling homes in your area.
  • Obtain an acceptable contract on your property.